A1 Extra White

If the A1 object needs to be extra white, A1 Extra White is the product for you.

A1 Extra White is similar to our standard A1 product, but is supplied with an extra white A1 Powder that creates a whiter end result.

A1 Extra White is mixed and processed in the same way as our standard A1. However, we do advise a longer mixing time, as more little lumps are likely when preparing A1 Extra White.

We supply the following sets:

- 7.5 kg (2.5 kg A1 Liquid, 5 kg A1 Powder)
- 15 kg (5 kg A1 Liquid, 10 kg A1 Powder)
- 60 kg (20 kg A1 Liquid, 40 kg A1 Powder)

If you require any bigger quantities, please contact our Sales Department directly via info@acrylicone.com.

The colour difference between A1 Extra White and A1 Base Material is shown below for your information.