A1 Plaster

A1 Plaster is a high-quality seamless wall finishing for use in homes, offices and bathrooms too. A1 Plaster is available in a number of different colours. If applied in a number of layers, A1 Plaster can be used to create special colours, colour nuances and effects. The result is a beautiful, natural appearance. Once applied, A1 Plaster is sanded and sealed with A1 Sealer, which creates a silky smooth or matt appearance.
A1 Plaster is easy to process and cures quickly. Depending on the surface and the use for which A1 Plaster is required, it is possible to plaster an area of up to 10m2 a day. Its unique properties make A1 Plaster a shrink-free and low-stress product.
Thin layers (of 1 to 2 mm) of A1 Plaster are applied by hand, which keeps the amount of product used to a minimum. Bigger surfaces are not a problem and a seamless finish without any ugly transitions is guaranteed. A1 Plaster is the ideal way to breath new life into old decorative plaster, tiles, sand-lime elements and concrete.
Please note that we are able to mix A1 Plaster in a colour of your choice.


The A1 Plaster Instruction Sheet is available as a PDF file too.
Download here.