Your own special design, quick and easy with A1Creatives.

A1Creatives is based on A1 and a ready to use two/three-component system consisting of a mineral powder and a water-based resin. These bind in such a way that within a short time a very strong object is created with different appealing looks.

A1Creatives is water-based, easy to use, fast curing and does not contain solvents. A1Creatives is developed to be cast into a (silicone) mould as it will create a perfect copy with all fine details.

A1Creatives is available in: Gold, Silver, Bronze, White Stone, Ivory Stone, Sand Stone, Iron, Aluminium, Graphite, Terracotta, Concrete (9018, 7005, 7039 en 7043), Black and Glow.

On our website www.A1Creatives.fun you will find various possible A1Creatives appearances and detailed information on how to use A1Creatives.

Examples made of A1Creatives:


Examples made of A1Creatives: