Alginate Cavex Clever Cast normal set

Cavex CleverCast is an ideal alginate for making prints of the hand, foot, face or any other body part and is perfect for use in combination with A1 (Acrylic One) and A1Creatives.

Cavex CleverCast is very user-friendly due to the easy mixing with a minimum of air bubbles and lumps, the smooth consistency of the mixture and the elasticity and tear strength. The alginate print ensures a very detailed reproduction and is therefore the ideal basis for an excellent casting result. Cavex CleverCast is packed in bags of 500 grams.

Properties Cavex CleverCast
- Provides very detailed impressions in combination with A1 and A1Creatives
- Specially designed for small and large impressions of body parts.
- Easy to mix, with minimal lumps and air bubbles.
- Unique combination of high elasticity and tear strength.
- Very fine detailed
- Processing time +/- 3 minutes
- Fresh light green colour.
- Unscented so odourless.
- Non-toxic and non-allergic, safe for all parts of the body.
- This alginate is not suitable for dental use.

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