A1 Base material is a two-component material that consists of a mineral powder and a water-based acrylic resin.

starting   € 14,88

A1 Test kit 1.5 kg

Get to grips with A1 quickly and easily with this A1 Test kit. It contains the following: 0.5 kg A1 Liquid, 1 kg A1 Powder and 1 m2 Triaxial fibre.

€ 20,68

A1 Start kit 7.5 kg

The A1 Start kit 7.5 g is the best way to get to grips with A1 in depth. It contains: 2.5 kg A1 Liquid, 5 kg A1 Powder and 3 m2 Triaxial fibre.

€ 72,83

A1 Start Ext. 7.5 kg

This kit contains 7.5 kg A1 and the most popular additives and fillers. You will find that it has everything you need to extensively explore the possibilities that A1 has to offer.

€ 114,20